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The Ultimate guide to controlling corporate travel expenses?

Corporate travel can be a significant expense for any organization, and managing those expenses effectively is crucial for maintaining profitability. To achieve this, it is essential to have a comprehensive strategy in place that addresses every aspect of corporate travel, from booking to reimbursement.

In this guide, we will explore some practical tips for controlling corporate travel expenses. We will cover everything from creating a travel policy to utilizing technology and working with a travel management company. By following these tips, you can help your organization manage travel expenses efficiently, reduce costs, and optimize your travel budget.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a corporate executive, this guide is designed to help you take control of your corporate travel expenses and improve your bottom line.


So, let’s get started and discover how you can optimize your travel budget

Controlling corporate travel expenses can be a challenging task, but with the right strategies, it can be achieved effectively. Here are some tips to help you control your corporate travel expenses:

Create a travel policy: Develop a clear travel policy that outlines the guidelines for employees who travel on behalf of the company. The policy should cover issues such as travel booking procedures, preferred airlines, hotels, transportation, meal allowances, and other expenses that will be reimbursed by the company.


Encourage cost-effective travel

Encourage your employees to choose cost-effective options such as booking flights and hotels in advance, selecting budget-friendly accommodations, and using public transportation when possible. Consider offering incentives for employees who save on travel expenses.


Use technology:

Use online booking tools, travel management software, and expense management systems to streamline the travel booking process, track expenses, and identify cost-saving opportunities.


Monitor expenses:

Regularly monitor your travel expenses and review your travel policy to ensure that it is effective and up-to-date. Analyze your expenses to identify trends and areas where costs can be reduced.


Partner with a travel management company:

Consider partnering with a travel management company like Shivaz Hospitality to help you manage your corporate travel expenses. Shivaz Hospitality can provide you with access to discounted rates on flights, hotels, and transportation, as well as offer customized solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Shivaz Hospitality is a leading global travel management company that provides end-to-end solutions for corporate travel needs. They offer a wide range of services including air ticketing, hotel reservations, car rentals, visa assistance, and travel insurance. With Shivaz Hospitality, you can be sure that your corporate travel needs are taken care of efficiently and cost-effectively.

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75th Foundation Day of Amar Ujala administered by Shivaz Hospitality

Amar Ujala is a daily Hindi- language newspaper published in India. This newspaper was founded in 1948. It has 22 editions in six states and two union territories which cover 180 districts. According to sources the newspaper circulates two million copies.

Recently Amar Ujala completed seventy- five years of its substructure. Shivaz hospitality organized the seventy-fifth foundation day of Amar Ujala. This event was held on 13th April 2022 in Heritage Haveli, Manesar. This event was organized delightfully. The purpose of this event was to recognize and greet the employees.

About Shivaz’s hospitality:

Shivaz is a venture by Shivi venture. This professional hospitality has been running with immense success for thirteen years in the hospitality industry. Shivaz deal with government and corporate sectors. The main focus is conferences, incentive tours, meetings, and events which mostly include product launches.

Over the years Shivaz has built a vast network of government and corporate events. They have earned a lot of clients in both sectors by their glorifying performance in this industry. Shivaz ensures you get all the wow factor you need in your event. They provide you with amazing ideas and execution with their brilliant workforce at every event.


75th Foundation Day flourishingly primed by Shivaz Hospitality:

Amar Ujala is the third longest-running newspaper in India since 1948, just one year after the independence so it would not be wrong to say that Amar Ujala is associated with us since we got independence.

Shri Murari Lal Maheshwari and Dori Lal Agrawal founded this newspaper. The headquarters of this newspaper is in Noida. Amar Ujala publishes 16 to 18 pages that focus on matters such as career, lifestyle, entertainment,, and women. Amar Ujala shared nearly 70% of the Hindi newspaper readership in India.

In the recent past, Amar Ujala has completed its seventy- five years of origin. After completing seventy-five years Amar Ujala decided to throw a grand event for its employees and they also thought to reward their generous employees.

This event from governed by Shivaz Hospitality. This event took place on 13th April 2022. They make sure not to leave no stone unturned for Amar Ujala and its employees. On this prestigious occasion of the completion of seventy-five years of Amar Ujala, Shivaz decided to respect the feelings and give an exceptional experience to the hard-working employees.

Shivaz gave their best to understand what they want and they gave their best to meet their expectations. Shivaz provided the best of services to the employees. Every deserving employee was rewarded for their immense hard work to make Amar Ujala a successful one. Shivaz took care of all the responsibilities to make this event indeed grateful.

Shivaz can make your tour event amazing

You can also get your events done so greatly by Shivaz. Shivaz hospitality runs with a mentality that hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love care and warmth. They want to give their client a heavenly experience as they think that ‘Client is God’.

They provide facilities in every field. Some of their facilities are listed below:

  • Consultation:

    The best is quality Shivaz has that they listen to you. They give their best to understand who you are and what are you expecting from them. They leave no stone unturned to understand what you want to represent. They always make sure that no detail should be left unobserved for everyone each and everything. The motto of the Shivaz is to bring the vision to your life.

  • We are fully involved in the process

Firstly everything ch and everything with you so we can reach your expectations, in then we try to do more than that. We make hassle-free you get hassle-free services. We brainstorm the d improvise to get the best results.

  • We provide excellent execution

Shivaz was built up with the mind that we can give you the best experience for life. We are never far flung from you. We are available 24/7 at your service. We make sure that we are just one call away from you. We are always ready to meet your demands.

Shivaz hospitality runs with a motto, “ True hospitality is when people leave feeling better about themselves “. Look out for the services we provide to make you feel better. We provide facilities for different kinds of workshops and training such as business, faculty development, summer, etc.


Shivaz hospitality successfully managed the prestigious moment of Amar Ujala, and they make sure to give the employees lifetime happiness with their arrangements. You can also enjoy the above services by Shivaz Hospitality and you can also make your even more and more prestigious.

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Sonalika Tractors Half Yearly Asia Meet Up Tours Fully Managed by Shivaz Hospitality

Sonalika Tractors is a proud leader in the Indian tractor manufacturing industry, offering a vast range of tractors to meet the needs of farmers. Their commitment to excellence was recently showcased at the Half-Yearly Asia Meet-Up Tour, held from November 26th to 28th. The event was expertly managed by Shivaz Hospitality, who went above and beyond to make the occasion truly exceptional

The Half-Yearly Asia Meet-Up Tour of Sonalika Tractors was a landmark event in the industry, made even more remarkable by the full management of Shivaz Hospitality. Their tireless efforts in organizing and executing a seamless and memorable event elevated the status of Sonalika Tractors as a leader in the tractor manufacturing industry. The dedication of Shivaz Hospitality towards creating remarkable ones treating them national and international Cruise.

Unforgettable moments with Shivaz

Shivaz Hospitality provides the pack of enjoyment at the event to Sonalika Tractors which was totally memorable and unforgettable The specialty of shivas hospitality manages the event from the bottom of the heart they provide luxurious cruises some kinds of Joy fun activities like

  • Paragliding
  • Boating
  • Luxuries Cruises
  • Foods

Indeed, Shivaz Hospitality organized an astonishing event for the half-yearly Asia meet-up tours of Sonalika tractors. They organized this event in cruise which was exceptionally peaceful and marvelous. Shivaz Hospitality make sure that the passengers on the cruise enjoyed with their full hearts. They organized a lot of activities for the event and the passengers.

travel plansShivaz hospitality organized a life time experience for passengers on the cruise of paragliding. The passengers loved to explore the sky on their own. People are addicted to adventures like paragliding. They make sure that the passengers had an awesome experience learning from temple pilots. They make sure that people felt home, and safe, and enjoyed every part of their paragliding experience. Not everyone gets the chance to face such kind of adventure and fear freedom at the same time that Shivaz Hospitality has given to the passengers.

Sonalika Tractors Half Yearly Asia Meet Up Tours Fully Managed by Shivaz HospitalityShivaz hospitality organized a lifetime experience of boat riding for the team of Sonalika tractors. The passengers got the best boat ride experience ever of their life. The boat was working properly, it was awesome and people had a very good time on waters. They stopped at different cool spots of the ocean. Passengers also got different types of water sports during their boat rides such as fishing and many more. People got memories while their boat trips which were indeed priceless. People enjoyed an amazing sunset on the water while on their boat rides. Passengers got to learn new skills of boat riding which can be educated and empowered people.

Sonalika Tractors Half Yearly Asia Meet Up Tours Fully Managed by Shivaz HospitalityThere were many more activities such as live concerts which was a typical fun activity. It helped people to boost their emotions. Passengers got extra spirits to boost up their day. People felt a spirit of lightness in their day.

Sonalika Tractors Half Yearly Asia Meet Up Tours Fully Managed by Shivaz Hospitality
Shivaz hospitality organized many events and every event was worth every while. Every passenger on the cruise enjoyed it with all their heart. There was no stone unturned for the enjoyment of every passenger.

Why Shivaz Event management is the Best

The best quality Shivaz has is that they listen to you. They give their best to understand who you are and what you are expecting from them. They leave no stone unturned to understand what you want to represent. They always make sure that no detail should be left unobserved and try to explore each and everything. The motto of Shivaz is to bring the vision to your life.

Why you should also go for Shivaz hospitality

Shivaz hospitality runs with a mentality that hospitality is simply an opportunity to show love care and warmth. They want to give their client a heavenly experience as they think that ‘Client is God’. They provide facilities in every field.

The best quality Shivaz has that they listen to you. They give their best to understand who you are and what are you expecting from them. They leave no stone unturned to understand what you want to represent. They always make sure that no detail should be left unobserved and try to explore each and everything. The motto of Shivaz is to bring vision to your life. We are fully involved in the process.

First of all we discuss each and everything with you so that we can reach out your expectations, in fact, we try to do more than that. We make sure that you get hassle-free services. We brainstorm and improvise to get the best results.

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Make your company travel smarter with Shivaz Hospitality

Making company journey financial savings would possibly sound like a challenge particularly when you have lots of personnel flying to one of a kind places at one of a kind times. But there are approaches to preserve your fees down with out compromising on visitor safety or services.

With Shivaz Hospitality’s smart process in place, you can save money on every trip.


Make use of Travel Apps

Telephones have advanced from a manner to live in contact into pocket-sized cellular computer systems able to going for walks someone’s complete life. These gadgets are the suitable device for traveling, whether or not the experience is for commercial enterprise or pleasure-related.


Make financial savings on airline flights

Airline tickets may be expensive, so be clever approximately which of them you e-book. You should store simply with the aid of using being bendy at the dates of the journey and airline you use, and with the aid of using reserving Economy flights only. However, after you e-book it’s typically less expensive to have a set journey plan. Only purchase bendy tickets that provide you with an alternative of go-back dates if they’re sincerely important in your trip.


Pack Wise

It’s tempting to pack whatever a traveler needs, simply because it’s impossible to know what you’ll need until a situation arises. Resist this temptation. Instead, be smart about packing. With so many hard suitcases available on the market, travelers can carry all their necessary items efficiently and more safely.


Reduce Hotel Costs

Room rates can vary widely, even within a hotel, so doing it wisely can result in big savings. You can decide if you want to give your business travelers a choice of where to stay. That’s fine, just make sure you set a budget limit or star rating.


Help your employees be more productive on the go

When your business travelers spend less time planning their trip, they spend more time at work, which is good for your business. Making your journey as smooth as possible at every stage will help you stay productive throughout your journey.


Keep track of receipts

Keeping receipts is crucial for travelers who can expect a refund at the end of their trip. Unfortunately, this usually results in a stack of receipts being kept in a pocket or folder and sorted last. of the journey.

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Corporate Travel Management: All You Need To Know

CTM is a business structure designed to facilitate business travel. It includes planning a business trip, organizing a business event, or any other essential task for the business ttravelersTTheThereretwoypes of business travelers, unmanaged and managed. Unmanaged business travel includes internal travel management. Managed travel involves outsourcing business travel to TMC, which is equipped with advanced booking platforms.

Corporate travel agents could make enterprise journey-making plans methods run smoother, and relieve agencies offloaded of dealing with all the transferring components, as they deal with all types of business.



Cu costs: Business travel management can help your business negotiate the best deals and multiple savings on all hotels, flights, rentals, with it related things to achieve costs.

IncEfficienciesiciency: With the increase in business travel, there is a need for dedicated 24hrs support that can help resolve business travel-related issues. In addition, corporate travel management ensures consolidated travel reporting at every step of the travel program and thus ensures more transparency, efficiency, and control.

Time Management: Planning and booking business travel can be time-consuming. Large companies don’t have time to book their business trips, they need them themselves. Moreover, even SMEs and MSMEs cannot afford to waste their precious time booking trips. Here Automated business travel management can be helpful in saving time and effort.

Compliance with policies and costs: Setting cost thresholds and tracking employee compliance with your company’s travel policies can be easy. Make approvals and refunds even easier based on real-time data and reports.

Reporting and data analysis: With Travel Management, all travel expenses incurred during a business trip are reported to Accounting. A company’s finance department uses this information to track travel expenses. At the same time, they use this information to create cost forecasts that help with budget allocations in the next fiscal year.


These travel agents are industry travel professionals who work with companies to deliver them to manage their business travel arrangements. Their job is to ensure all business travel is cost-effective and secure, reducing the friction that typically occurs in the booking process, and ensuring business travel is compliant.

Corporate Travel Agent responsibilities include arranging travel visas, making airline and other transportation reservations such as rental cars, ensuring that due diligence obligations are met, making hotel reservations, working within finance departments to align travel expense processes, and providing assistance to business travellers. Benefits of using a corporate travel agent:

Corporate tour retailers recognize tour expenses: Their activity is to make sure that your tour budgets are respected, via way of means of ensuring they reap the nice offers feasible on transportation, accommodation, etc. They have installed relationships with providers to get higher offers and discounts.

They control complicated price processes: Handing over tour price responsibilities to company tour retailers relieves agencies of time spent poring over office work and compensation submissions.

All of your commercial enterprise tour wishes are accounted for: Corporate tour retailers are educated in information about every commercial enterprise and every traveler’s unique wishes and adapting commercial enterprise tours for them.



  • Employees’ choice for flexibility and comfort can war with a business enterprise’s efforts to manipulate prices.
  • Services that were once protected withinside the fee of a flight or motel reservation can now cost more, ensuing in variations in business enterprise regulations.
  • Increased cancellation or extra costs are luxurious while personnel makes errors while booking.
  • Company regulations can frequently restrict personnel’s capacity to pick out lower-fee offerings that they find out for themselves.
  • Many corporations nevertheless lack the capacity to stability enterprise needs with prices and converting enterprise situations associated with the journey.
  • Accounts payable regulations aren’t continually aligned with company journey management.
  • The compensation system could be very guide and calls for sizeable assets to check and affirm receipts for journey expenses.

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Travel Management Companies For Travel Companies?

Tour optimization: Travel groups like lodges and airways can optimize their tour method with the assistance of a company tour agent. This is because your control groups are chargeable for reserving flight tickets, lodging, automobile rentals, transfers, and commercial enterprise events.

For lodges, this serves as an oblique hyperlink to commercial enterprise travelers. They can benefit extra clients thru the company tour retailers due to the fact it’s far the activity of the retailers to plot eBooks lodging and commercial enterprise conferences for the groups’ employees.

GDS System: Most company tour control groups flip to worldwide distribution devices so one can perform their tasks, along with locating the proper lodging, flights, and transportation.

GDS is likewise a critical distribution channel for lodges because it connects them with the company tour retailers and offers them updated records approximately their modern-day room fees and availability.

Thanks to GDS systems, the possibilities of company tour control groups locating your motel and reserving your rooms are maximized. By turning into a part of this important distribution device, your motel will boom its sales and attain a much broader audience.

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Which department in a company handles travel plans?

Most companies offered holidays and tours to their employees for a refreshment. Traveling is one of the most rejuvenating and refreshing pastimes. It’s no wonder that so many travelers encourage traveling for self-education and exploration. Traveling is without a doubt one of the most enlightening pastimes. Exploring new locations, meeting new people, and experiencing new things help you grow as a person, providing you with new skills and information.

Department in a company handles travel plans

The department in a company that handles travel plans is typically the human resources (HR) department or the travel department.

HR Department

The HR department is responsible for managing the overall employee experience, including travel arrangements for employees who are attending conferences, meetings, and other business-related events. They work with travel agencies and companies to book flights, hotels, and rental cars, and handle any issues that may arise during the trip. They also handle travel expenses and reimbursement for employees, ensuring that they are in compliance with company policies and regulations.

Travel Department

The travel department, on the other hand, is responsible for managing all aspects of the company’s travel program. This includes negotiating contracts with travel suppliers, managing travel budgets, and implementing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with company and government regulations. They also work closely with other departments, such as finance and HR, to ensure that all travel-related expenses are properly tracked and reported.

In larger companies, there may also be a dedicated travel manager or travel coordinator who is responsible for overseeing the travel program and working with employees to make travel arrangements. With the handhold of Shivas Hospitality, the travel plans services for corporate employees take care of arrangements and also work with discounts and deals for the company.

In a small or medium-sized company, it is possible for the HR or finance department to handle all aspects of travel planning. They may work with a travel agent or other service provider to book travel and accommodations and handle all aspects of travel expense management. They may also be responsible for creating and enforcing company travel policies and procedures.

In some cases, the travel department may work closely with other departments such as legal, compliance, and security to ensure that the company’s travel policies are in line with legal and regulatory requirements. They may also work with the IT department to ensure that the company’s travel booking systems and expense management software are up-to-date and functioning properly.

Regardless of which department handles travel plans, the goal is to ensure that employees are able to travel efficiently and safely for business purposes, while also keeping costs under control. This includes ensuring that employees are aware of company policies and procedures regarding travel, as well as providing them with the necessary resources and support to plan and book their trips.

In addition to traditional travel arrangements, many companies also have programs in place to manage virtual and remote work arrangements, including the use of video conferencing and other technologies to facilitate meetings and collaboration. These programs are typically managed by the HR department or the IT department and may include policies and procedures for reimbursement of expenses related to remote work, such as internet and phone bills.


the department that handles travel plans in a company can vary depending on the company’s size and organizational structure. However, it is commonly handled by the human resources or finance department, or a dedicated travel department in larger companies. It’s important that the department handling travel plans should work closely with other departments to ensure a smooth and compliant travel process.